Ghostek SoDrop 2, the Beats by Dre Solo Killer

Ghostek soDrop 2 Wireless Headphones Review


I bet you are like most people in the world and you like to listen to music.  There are so many options out there when it comes to how the music gets from the player to your ears; from speakers to headphones to earphones, and wired or bluetooth

Sometimes, you need something very low key and cheap, when you are in a place you don’t want to attract attention.  In those times I would just use the earphones that come with my phone.

But, when you want some good sounds without the hassle of wires, what should you use?

I will be honest,  I started out using the Bose Q2s but fell into the trap of what is “cool” and went to Beats by Dre.  I started with the Studios, which were just too big and too hot.  I then got the Solo 2’s, and was fairly satisfied.  I am not really an audiophile, just an average user.  I use headphones any time I am out of the house, and especially at the gym.

Then I saw the Ghostek soDrop 2’s….

I forgot how I stumbled upon these headphones.  They were super cheap but looked promising.    So I immediately went to look at reviews.  They said they were just as good as Beat Solo’s and maybe better.  I ordered a couple from Amazon that night, one pair for me and one for my wife.  I got the gold ones and she got the rose.

As soon as they arrived I tried them out right away, and the next day I put all my Beats by Dre headphones on sale on eBay.  Here is why…

First off, the sound quality was on par with the Beats, maybe even better.  Like I said, as an average joe, they sounded the same to me, and with the Beats costing up to 4 times more than the soDrop 2’s, I was definitely happy with the sound quality.

Build quality was also great.  Every part of the soDrop 2’s that is touching your head is a very soft leather.  I have had them for 6 months now and the leather is still in great shape, and softer than ever.  The best part is I can wear these longer than the Beats without irritating my ears.  Something about the leather, I guess.  Soft and breathable, if that is possible.  I just know they are extremely comfortable.  The hard case is nice, too (the Beats Solo 2 wireless has a soft case).


Now, everything isn’t the best about the soDrop 2’s.  I did like how the Beats Solo 2’s folded smaller than the soDrop 2’s.  Not a big deal, or a deal breaker, just saying I like how the Beats folded into a more compact case (however, it was a soft case).

Also, the controls on the Beats were more intuitive.  It felt natural to press the buttons that were located at the outside of the right headphone.  But like I said, just a personal preference.  The buttons on the soDrop’s work

just fine, just got to get used to the different location.

In conclusion…

Depending on where you buy your Beats and the exact model, you will be spending $200-500 on wireless Beats by Dre headphones.  If the name really means that much to you, be my guest and click this link to Amazon (this link is to a $199 pair of Solo 3 Wireless).  But if you want a great pair of wireless headphones for $79 (yes, $79!  With an additional 15% off when buy two or more), then buy these headphones!  

No bullshit, you should buy these $79 wireless headphones.  You won’t regret it.

Like I stated earlier, I bought the gold  and white ones that match my iPhone 7 and they have held up well.  I take them to the gym and hiking and they still look great.