GoPro Hero Sessions… the Affordable GoPro for Motovlogging!

GoPro Hero Sessions

I just fell in love with the GoPro Hero Sessions.  I am not talking about the GoPro Hero5 Sessions.  The latter costs $300 and the non-Hero5 Sessions costs $150.

$150 on Amazon!

So why should you buy one for motovlogging?

First, it is small, light and black.  Once mounted on your helmet, whether on the chin, top or side, it is very inconspicuous compared to other cameras.

Second, it is easy to use.  You have to make sure you have adjusted the settings just the way you want, but once you have mounted it and on your bike, it is just one button to turn it on and start recording, and the same to stop recording and turn it off.

The third reason is a pro or a con depending on your motovlogging style.  If you have read my other reviews, you know that I am in favor of a separate audio setup vice having a mic connected to your action camera.  So for me, the Sessions not having a mic jack is a good thing because it forces you to use a separate (and superior) audio recorder.

Fourth, it is water-resistant.  No bulky waterproof box, just a seamless skeleton case for a mount, and so rain is no longer a worry.

Lastly, it has a battery life of just over two hours!  Yes, I could never get that kind of battery life from other GoPro models (You can get that from a Yi 4k, though, which you can pick up at Amazon for $199).  Just drop in a 32GB microSD card and you get two straight hours of riding footage.

Why you might not want the GoPro Hero Sessions?

The battery.  Although the battery will last two full hours, the battery is built in.  The fix?  Buy two.  It is cheap enough that you can buy two cameras for the price of the GoPro Hero5 Sessions.

Adjusting your settings.  As I mentioned earlier, it is very simple to use once your settings have been adjusted.  However, because of the sparsity in buttons, adjustments are more difficult.  Adjustments are easier if you connect it to your phone app, but, you have to connect it to your phone app.

Finally, there is no LCD.  The Hero5 Sessions also does not have an LCD, however, all the other GoPro models do, and the very affordable Yi 4k does as well.  But if you are using it for motorvlogging exclusively, you really don’t need an LCD.

In conclusion….

I love this little camera.  It has replaced all my other cameras as my dedicated motovlogging helmet cam.  It is affordable, capable and stylish.  You won’t regret buying this, no bullshit.

Check out these reviews for gear you will need with this camera as well as my review on the Yi 4k, a great alternative to the Sessions if you need a removable battery and LCD.

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