Is It Worth Trading In My GoPro For a Yi 4k

Okay, so you have watched hours and hours of videos on YouTube about the Yi 4k.  It has a very tempting price point and so worth a look, right?

Yes!  Definitely!Yi 4k action camera review

But the thing is you already have a GoPro Hero3+.  Should you upgrade?

The no bullshit answer is NO!  Sure, the price is very tempting but a GoPro Hero3+, or newer, is going to get the job done.

However, if you have an older action camera, are upgrading anyway, or are planning to get a second (or third) action cam, the Yi 4k is the way to go.


Because it has a longer battery life.  The Yi 4k has replaced my old GoPro Hero3+ as my main helmet cam because it is a simple matter of battery life.  My GoPro would maybe give me an hour.  I have multiple batteries but it is annoying to be on a ride and stop to change batteries so often… and then what happens when you don’t have more than one charged battery?

Buy the Yi 4k.

It is $199 on Amazon and is worth it.  Having two cameras will be good for multiple angles for your videos.

***Notice I am speaking of the Yi 4k and not the Yi 4k+.  The 4k+ is obviously better, but it is in the GoPro price range.  If you are in that price range, then spend the $350-400 on a GoPro Hero5 and be satisfied with the quality and unsatified with the battery life.  But if you are price conscious, like me, the Yi 4k is definitely a good buy!