Sony ECM-CS3 Microphone

Sony ECM-CS3 Microphone

Have you ever tried motovlogging and found out during editing that the cheap china adapter and mic failed you?

Well, it has happened to me.  Don’t let it happen to you!

The Sony ECM-CS3 mic delivers amazing quality at a fraction of the price.  It may cost more than the cheap china lav mics on eBay, but you won’t regret buying it.

Pair this mic with the Tascam DR-05 and lose the wires that come from your action camera.  Plus, you will get rid of the unsightly wire coming from your action camera while keeping your camera protected inside the housing.

Popular YouTubers are using this method, and specifically this mic, to give you the best audio at an affordable price.

The other option is going bluetooth but that costs hundreds of dollars and is still using the lower quality audio of your action cam.  Save the money, and the headaches of draining your camera’s battery, by buying the Sony ECM-CS3 and pairing it with the Tascam DR-05.

No bullshit, this works!

Buy the Sony ECM-CS3 on Amazon here.

Buy the Tascam DR-05 on Amazon here.

If you want to stay in your price range and get awesome video with your amazing audio,  buy the Yi 4k here.  Check out my review of the Yi 4k here.

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