3 Reasons to buy a Tascam DR-05 for Vlogging/Motovlogging


Have you been motovlogging or vlogging for hours, only to find out during editing that while your video is great, your audio is less desirable?  Well, the answer to your problems is the Tascam DR-05!  Here is why….

Reason #1:  It was made for audio!

The Tascam DR-05 is a dedicated voice recorder that is simple to use and adjust.

Unlike the audio feature on an action camera, a dedicated piece of equipment will give you the best quality for audio.  It was made to record audio, period.

During editing, it takes an extra 15 seconds to be able to upload your audio and sync it with your video.

Reason #2: Battery life and type of batteries!

You can continually record audio for hours upon hours with the included batteries and 4 GB micro SD card.  The batteries are AA’s and so are very easy to replace if you get stuck in a sticky situation.

I use rechargeable AA’s in all my equipment, but on days I forget to charge them and I am out recording, it is very easy to drop into any convenience store and pick up a couple of batteries.

Reason #3:  No unsightly wires!

I originally used my action camera in its waterproof housing with a hole drilled in it so I can plug in the mic adapter and mic.

There are two problems with that set up.

First, you have to drill a hole in the housing or buy another housing that comes with a predrilled hole.  Whether you have your camera on the front, side, or top of your helmet, you will have an unsightly wire running from your camera to the inside of your helmet.  Sure, a bluetooth device will remedy this, but you have to buy a bluetooth BacPac and a bluetooth mic device (booth are very expensive).

Second, with a hole in your housing, you risk the chance of water getting inside and damaging your camera.  I am trying to save money through all my adventures and don’t want rain ruining my gear.

With a separate mic and recorder, the mic’s wire will run seamlessly down from your helmet and straight into your jacket.

Many popular YouTubers use this method, so it is a proven tactic for great audio.

Buy the Tascam DR-05 on Amazon for under $100 here.


And don’t forget the mic.  DO NOT GET A CHEAP CHINA MIC FROM EBAY! My advice is buy the Sony ECM-CS3 mic.  The best mic for the price!  See it on Amazon here.


Read my review of the Sony ECM-CS3 here.